Nepalese Citizens to Receive National Identity Card

17th May 2020, Kathmandu

Is Nepal moving towards a completely digital world? Let’s read about a new announcement on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The government of Nepal is planning to develop a system and distribute identity cards to every citizen. The National Card will include personal and biological details of the citizens.

This new approach will be called an ‘Integrated National Identity Card Management Information System.’

The decision-makers plan to implement this system from the coming fiscal year and distribute identity cards with separate numbers to all citizens within the next three years.

This is yet another step by the government to push Nepal into a Digital Nepal. Previously, there was news regarding the launch of Satellite, investment in telecommunications, and investment in information technology. It seems like the government wants to step up its game and shift into the digital realm.

The National Identity Card will be an online-based service. Therefore, all local-level offices will implement this system.

Similarly, the government is planning to implement an electronic passport from the coming fiscal year.

We think this is a wise move by the government. However, we have a history of not meeting our visions in due time, let alone completing the project itself.

We hope the government is learning the importance of a systematic order amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Also, we hope this announcement, along with other budget announcements, is not a disappointment.


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