Most Common IT Security Mistakes People Make

A close-up on an abstract design of a display, which is warning about a cyber attack. Multiple rows of hexadecimal code are interrupted by red glowing warnings and single character exclamation marks. The image can represent a variety of threats in the digital world: data theft, data leak, security breach, intrusion, etc...

There different kinds of simple and common mistake that computer users make usually. Those kinds of mistakes are often neglected. Avoiding such mistakes threats our IT security. In this post, we present some most common IT security mistakes that people make.

Weak Passwords

This is the most common mistake that people make while using internet things. One should not create the password that is easy to guess. There are still some people who put the password such as 123456789 or abcdefg. Keeping such kinds of password can be a risk to your computers, file and social media. Hackers can easily identify those kinds of passcodes.

Outdated antivirus software

The old version of antivirus software will allow the viruses to enter into your system. Each day hackers develop new kinds of virus that can’t be scanned by an un-updated antivirus. So to protect your system you must install updated antivirus software and frequently you should update its status.

Software update policies

Besides updating antivirus you should also think about updating all the software’s that have been installed in your computer. Doing so will avoid one of the most common IT mistakes.

Backing up policies

This will help you to recover all those essentials files and folders that have been unknowingly lost from your system. Keep the backup files of all your important documents, files and folders.

Inspection of link

Major mistake. Sending link is one of the best ideas for hackers to attack on the system. Before opening any kind of suspicious link check and examine it well.

Public Wi-Fi usage

We fell very happy when we got to use free Wi-Fi in public places. Remember one thing, using public Wi-Fi can disclose your personal detail to a hacker. All the personal details that are in your system can be exposed by using public Wi-Fi networks. Before using public Wi-Fi exercise some caution. Always employ a VPN and turn off sharing.


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