21 March 2021, Kathmandu

Platforms that allow processing payments directly from bank accounts have made lives much easier. One of such examples is connect-IPS.

What is connect-IPS?

connect-IPS is an electronic payment system developed and operated by Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL) that allows bank customers to transfer funds and pay for services from various channels.

The reason why it’s so convenient is that you can process transactions directly from/to your bank accounts.

Unlike mobile wallets, you can use connect-IPS to link multiple bank accounts and process payment transactions through one of the linked accounts. This means you won’t have to load/unload your funds on this platform to make any transactions.

What does connect-IPS stand for?

If you’re looking for the full form of connect-IPS, the ‘IPS’ means Interbank Payment System.

IPS is a system designed to safely manage and transfer funds from one bank account to another provided that they are participating member banks and financial institutions (BFIs).

How do I process payments directly from my bank account using connect-IPS?

First, you need to become an active user of connect-IPS.

How do I create a connect-IPS account?

Follow these steps to create your connect-IPS account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on sign up to register.
  3. Fill in all your general information and click on register.
  4. After registering, you can log in using your username and password.

But wait! You also need to activate your account using an OTP code.

On the first login, you’ll notice that verification is still pending on your dashboard. To verify your account, follow one of the two steps:

  1. Click on “Get Code for Mobile” if you want to receive code on your mobile. Enter the OTP code to verify.
  2. Click on “Get Code for Email” if you want to receive the code on your email. Enter the OTP code to verify.

Once you verify your user account, you’re all set to link your bank account(s).

How do I link my bank account?

  1. Login to connect-IPS by entering your username and password.
  2. Once you get access to the dashboard, navigate to ‘Bank Account’.
  3. Select ‘Link Account’.
  4. Fill in your bank account details by ensuring that each entry matches your record in the bank.
  5. Select ‘Send for Approval’
  6. Download the linked bank account form

You’re all set!

You can also link multiple bank accounts provided you have other accounts in member BFIs.

How do I download the link account form to submit to my bank?

After linking your bank account, the respective bank needs to verify the account in order to activate it.

Therefore, you’ll need to submit a link account form to your bank.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. From your dashboard, select “Bank account” and go to “Manage Account” to list linked bank accounts under “Account List”.
  2. Click on “Get form” and click on the Download option at the top right corner to download the form.
  3. Print the downloaded form, which you’re supposed to sign and submit at the nearest branch.
  4. Make sure you have a photo-bearing ID with you in case the bank representative requires it.

You can find more information about self-verification and features of the platform on our page: How To Use ConnectIPS: Complete Guide.

connect-IPS FAQs

Can I link multiple bank accounts?

Definitely! You have the option to link multiple bank accounts in connect-IPS.

Moreover, you can set one of the bank accounts as your primary account. By doing so, you will receive payments on your primary account if the sender uses your mobile number to transfer funds.

The first account that you link and active in connect-IPS is your primary account by default.

Does the beneficiary also require to be a registered connect-IPS user?

No, the beneficiary doesn’t require a connect-IPS user id to receive funds. However, they are required to have an account with any member bank.

Is there any transaction limit in connect-IPS?

Yes, the daily transaction limit per bank is up to NPR 20,00,000 through the web channel while it’s NPR 200k through the mobile app.

You can send an individual payment of up to NPR 10,00,000 through the web channel and NPR 100k through connect-IPS mobile app.

Keep in mind that the policy may differ from bank to bank and it may change as per Nepal Rastra Bank’s regulation.

Are there any charges involved?

Bank customers can enjoy most biller payments free of service. However, the transaction fee for fund transfer and some of the biller payments can range from Rs. 2 to 15.

For transaction fee details, click here.

How long does it take for the fund to transfer?

Typically, the amount is debited from the sender’s account on a real-time basis which means that the beneficiary should receive the fund almost instantly.

The fund transfer service of connect-IPS is available 24×7.

Can I check my balance and statement?

Yes! Simply log in to your connect-IPS account and go to ‘Bank Account’ from your dashboard.

Next, navigate to ‘Account Info → choose the option’.

Can I use a connect-IPS mobile app to transfer funds?

Typically, all services available in the web channel are also available in the mobile app. So, you can easily and efficiently use your mobile app to transfer funds.

Can I scan and pay using the connect-IPS mobile app?

Yes, you can scan the beneficiary’s QR code through your mobile app. Once scanned, you need to select your linked bank account to pay from.

You can even share your QR code with others.

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