ConnectIPS Refer a Friend Offer

15th September 2023, Kathmandu

ConnectIPS, a leading payment platform in Nepal, is delighted to announce the return of its ‘Refer a Friend’ offer, designed to reward existing users and encourage new enrollments in the platform.

This exciting promotion allows current connectIPS users to refer their friends and family, benefiting both the referrer and the referee.

Here’s how it works: when an existing user refers someone to connectIPS, and that person successfully enrolls and verifies their linked bank account, the referrer receives an instant reward of Rs 25 in their primary linked account.

Moreover, the referee, the new user, is not left empty-handed either, as they receive a generous incentive of Rs. 50 upon successful verification of their linked bank account.

The offer is available until the 16th of Mangsir, 2080, providing ample time for users to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

To participate, the referrer needs to share their unique referral code with friends and family. When the referee registers as a new user, they simply use the provided referral code, link their bank account, and complete the self-verification process. If self-verification is not available for their specific bank, they can visit the nearest branch for assistance. The cash incentives are disbursed once the new user’s account is created, the bank account is successfully linked, and the verification process is complete.

Sharing the referral code is made easy, as the referrer can provide it alongside a sign-up link to potential referees. New users can register by visiting or by downloading the mobile app. It’s important to note that the referee must ensure the successful verification of their linked account to be eligible for the cash incentive.

ConnectIPS has emerged as one of the most convenient payment channels in Nepal, allowing bank customers to seamlessly manage and utilize multiple bank accounts for effortless fund transfers and service payments.

With a maximum fund transfer limit of Rs. 20 lakhs per transaction in the web application and up to Rs 2 lakhs in the mobile app, connectIPS offers flexibility and convenience.

Users can also make various payments, such as mobile top-ups, electricity bills, landline payments, internet bills, school fees, hire purchase installments, government taxes, Loksewa fees, traffic fines, broker payments, NEPALPAY QR transactions, and much more.


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