Cool Windows Phone Apps

The main criticisms of Microsoft operating system are its OS itself which seems to like a loss of lead the other mobile users in 2013 Reader choice. The survey results in the right margin. It has a significant platform which helps to increase the market share in the past year. Instead this, there is the number one complaint about windows phone which doesn’t bear offer a broad application selection which you find for your iPhone and Android.

It has changed a lot of things in the past few months. A level apps have made their way for the newest primary mobile platform which includes the red hat vine app with imaging staple square, Instagram. A bigger problem for me is that windows version of big apps is the like the words with friends which doesn’t offer the full feature set on the other platform. Handy windows phone apps that come bundled with the OS by default go beyond the office suite.

The more significant factor OS is newer than iOS and Android. The developer must be concerned about getting their app from windows store including little features.

It is entirely feasible to engage the typical mobile and Microsoft gaming platform, photo sharing, texting, watching the video by using any among the 200000 apps in a windows phone store.

You will get a well-designed photo, music, news, email apps depending on your phone hardware. You will get particular with Nokia phones.

There are good reasons to make a switch with the best camera in 1020. It is affordable.

It is used to distinguish hardware by adding another advantage platform. You may install an app directly from your windows phone store.

It also includes lock screen notification for informative live titles on the home screen for private communicating technology.

You will need to check out our top apps which you like your phone choices and the best of all. These all are free to download.