Clients Utmost Priority For Nepali Banks Even In Corona

Kathmandu, March 28

So what if we run out of cash and have no digital alternative to buying essential products? Will I be able to go to the bank during a lockdown? And Will the bank stay open during this time?

These may be some common questions circulating in the mind of some people. So, let me clarify to you that you can visit the bank during lockdown only if you run out of cash to buy essential items. Banks in specific locations will remain open for certain hours. Many banks have stayed open to help people who don’t have some money & don’t know how to perform digital transactions.

The bank took measures

The banks have taken different steps to ensure the safety of both bankers and customers. Every customer is requested to use hand sanitizers before entering the bank. The security guard of the bank provides the sanitizer at the doorsteps. Some banks have also started screening their customers before entering. Then in the waiting section, the people are requested to maintain proper distancing. The bankers can be found wearing protective masks and protective gloves.

According to bankers, there are few customers visiting banks for money transactions. Looking at the current situation of lockdown and the uncertainty of when this will end, the banks need to remain open.

If you are running out of cash, you can call your respective bank and ask about branches that are currently open. In case you can perform digital transactions, then it is a better option over cash.


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