An Open Source Platform For EHR For Nepal's Public Healthcare System

Kathmandu, March 29

Joint Forces Against Covid-19 In Nepal. The medical staff has been working against the spread of the Coronavirus. But it is safe to say that they aren’t working alone. The Nepal Government is trying its best to reduce the spread of the virus. The lockdown imposed in Nepal was a little late. But it has shown considerable progress in reducing the spread of the virus in the country. The credit for this achievement also goes to people who are developing websites. These apps and websites are making it easier for medical personnel. Using these apps reduces the sheer number of people going to the hospital. It also helps to lessen panic and exposure to the virus.


NepalEHR is for use in limited-resource settings and integrates registration. It also performs clinical diagnosis and investigations, prescriptions, reporting, and supply chain management.

It facilitates care coordination across the facility- and community-based points of service. It integrates data to map disease, target care & improve healthcare service delivery.

An open-source Electronic Health Record customized for Nepal’s public healthcare system: For more details: Click Here


The government has launched Daphne in collaboration with Imark Digital from Saturday. It is a new web portal application launched to manage the spread of the viruses. It will provide online training to health workers through a learning portal.

Steps were taken by Kathmandu Metropolis

Kathmandu Municipal Corporation has developed a new app for the Corona self-test. It allows the general public to examine the symptoms of the virus through the app itself. They will be able to test it through various indicators contained in the application. Doctors themselves put up these indicators in the app. They include all the symptoms of the virus. The doctors are monitoring it. This app has helped to reduce the crowd in hospitals.

In the end, we can’t forget all the citizens of the country who are staying at home. Those who have used sanitizer washed hands and are following social distancing.

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for Nepal

The KOICA has set up a quarantine facility for suspected patients of COVID-19 at Nuwakot. The facility has been set up to support Nepal to prevent the spread of the virus. The quarantine facility has 10 beds and more beds will be set assessing the situation.


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