Coronavirus Hotspots Located By Province 2 Under Monitor The Virus

April 15, 2020, Kathmandu

Corona virus is a respiratory virus which spreads through droplets generated by infected people. Droplets can be from coughs or sneezes, or of saliva, or discharge from the nose. Not just that these viruses can live on the surface from one hour to several days. This property of the virus makes it very dangerous and makes us realise the importance of a healthy environment.

Province 2 government reported four positive coronavirus cases in the past two days. After an increase in cases, they have identified 12 hotspots of coronavirus infection. The government has decided to take maximum precautions in these areas.

Three Indian nationals who were moving in different places of the province for the past two months and currently living in Birgunj tested positive for coronavirus. A teenage boy who arrived in a town in Rautahat district from India also tested positive for the virus.

These hotspots identified by the government are close to the border, besides the area of Birgunj where the three coronavirus positive cases were found. Saptari, where Muslim function was held two months ago, has also been identified as a hotspot. Officials are worried about getting more positive results from the area.

The Provincial government spokesperson, Internal Affairs and Law Minister Gyanendra Yadav said that they would conduct security checks and monitor these places. He added that they would seal off the area if necessary.

He also reported that security and health workers monitored the places on13th April. He expressed concern on the health of the citizens as the number of cases increases in the area.


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