Be Aware of Unknown Calls and SMS Security Tips By Vianet

Be aware of Unknown SMS and Calls Security Tips By Vianet

April 15, 2020, Kathmandu

Vianet reported that many customers have been getting unusual calls, messages, and e-mails after the data breaching incident of Vianet Communications.

Last week, Vianet suffered a data breach and more than 160,000 users’ data was hacked and published on twitter. The data included the customer’s name, address, email address and phone number. After this incident, Vianet confirmed that the information was stolen by unauthorized access to the customer’s system.

Vianet had also requested its customers to not accept any calls, SMS from any unauthorized numbers and unsolicited emails as well. Similarly, customers were also requested not to provide any personal information.

Vianet now officially requests its users to follow some security measures.

“It has come to our attention that many of our users are getting unusual phone calls and messages. As a precaution we request our customers to be aware of unknown calls/SMS. Also, do not respond to Viber activation messages or links,” said the post on the official Facebook page of Vianet Communications.

Some Viber Security Tips Provided by Vianet.

  • Check the associated device with your Viber account. For this, go to Viber Setting>Account>Desktop and Tablet.
  • Deactivate unauthorized devices.
  • Change Viber number without losing data. For this, go to Viber Setting>Account>Change Number.
  • You can also delete personal data. For this, go to Setting>Privacy>Personal Data>Delete Your Data [Note: while following the given procedures, beware of the list of data being deleted before moving forward as it cannot be restored.]

Stay home and aware of the digital frauds.


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