16th March 2023, Kathmandu

COVOS launched a global digital economy investment management platform for Southeast Asia, which recently went live in the region.

This is the world’s first one-stop service platform for digital asset investment management. It unites millions of people to explore the world of DeFi and Web3 simply, clearly, and interestingly.

In 2018, the World Health Organization launched the Global Action Plan for Promoting Physical Activity 2018-2030.

COVOS Group’s technical team combines health with blockchain technology based on the core distributed technology of Web 3.0 and establishes an innovative NFT platform.

In 2020, COVOS submitted business proposals to the World Health Organization Fund. And it is supported by the World Health Organization Fund and the World Sports Organization Fund. At the same time, many venture capital institutions are involved. We currently raise funds of more than $ 100 million. COVOS Group’s funds will be used to expand the ecological community of COVOS.

COVOS is expected to establish branches in major areas in the southeast region in 2023. And the COVOS Sports Cup will be held in the area.

More than 400 media have documented COVOS in the United States. Many influential people, authors, and opinion leaders have been brought together, with a total audience of more than 100 million. And the community number is increasing steadily every day.

COVOS’s managing director said in a statement: “COVOS has opened up a new path on the intersection of games, health, and e-commerce.” As the beginning of development, it combines real life with the virtual world.

COVOS is about to occupy a leading position in this rapidly growing virtual world by providing unique health consumption experiences with virtual, social, and physical games with special attractions.

COVOS is preparing to launch a unique NFT series in the near future. Players will be able to collect NFT sneakers and transfer them to others, hoping to pass health and profit.

Since the advent of COVOS virtual health running shoes, they have been loved by people who care about health and movement around the world.

COVOS chief technical officer said that it is expected to extend from sports shoes to other clothing this year.

COVOS is expected to host a global fitness competition in 2023 to stimulate people’s enthusiasm for fitness activities involving games.

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