CSIT Program Limitation In Nepal

CSIT Program limitation in Nepal

BSc.CSIT  is a four years course affiliated to Tribhuvan University. It provides the student with all sort of knowledge need to develop a career in the field of Information Technology. The B.Sc.CSIT program involves many courses to improve the qualified human resources for challenging and evolving working environment. This course help to develop the skills that are essential for both IT and computer professionals.

 Some of the limitations of Csit in the scenario of Nepal are:

  • One of the main limitations of B.Sc.CSIT Nepal’s student is that computer engineering has better job opportunities since the government invests lots of money into a computer engineering course rather than into B.Sc.CSIT course. If there is a vacancy announcement for the computer engineer, you can’t apply if you are a B.Sc.CSIT student even though you have more skills and technique.
  • In the scenario of Nepal, there are too many students joining B.Sc.CSIT and most of them are entirely unknown about what they are learning and how they will build their career in the field of Information Technology. The only thing is the industry needs experience and skill, but the student thinks they need sector for it. If I try to present the B.Sc.CSIT students present scenario in Nepal it will look like:

    At the time of joining B.Sc.CSIT vs. After you get to know about the course and the system

  • Due to the current examination, result and educational system the popularity is decreased among the students and parents.
  • The Board of B.Sc.CSIT Nepal seems to be the weak and unmanaged for publishing results and exam schedule.
  • Although the B.Sc.CSIT is four years course it might take more than that because of not timely exams and results.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to get tools technique and subject experts.
  • Due to the negligence of B.Sc.CSIT management unmanaged subject flow happen.

Though B.Sc.CSIT program is a practical based course; it seems more theoretical in the colleges of Nepal you have to study and practice well to get good skills. Yeah, there are lots of problems and limitation in B.Sc.CSIT Nepal, when I was joining there was more than now not as much as the first batch, but yes there was, and there is still the day, and our senior had fought, we are struggling, and I think this is a continuous process.

Though it has some limitation on its management sector, B.Sc, Csit is most demanding and trending nowadays because it provides so many opportunities after you get the degree like software developer, programmer, and engineer, cryptographer, project manager, IT officer or manager, etc.

Today’s world of information technology is so broad and significant so it many scope and opportunities. So if you want to build your successful career in the field of IT B.Sc.CSIT is one of the best platforms.


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