iOS 12 highlights Memoji tech addiction tool group

It is almost that period of the year where Apple launches its new software. After iOS 11.4, iOS 12 will be started any time sooner. iOS 11 had one of the powerful multitasking features, new files app and more way to use Apple Pencil. So, iOS 12 might be more advanced and more innovative.

iOS 11 included the following things:

  1. AR Kit
  2. Automatic system
  3. Document scanning in notes
  4. Indoor maps
  5. iPad multitasking
  6. message syncing
  7. new control center
  8. Real-time transition etc.

Plenty of iPhone and iPad users loved ios 11 features. So, they might have had high hopes for the upcoming new iOS 12. But we were disappointed when they unveiled it during its WWDC 2018 keynote event.

iOS 12 beta and iOS 12 developer beta have these new features which already have made life more comfortable and is termed as one of the best features in IOS 12. Ios 11.4 included plenty of improvements compared to the earlier version of Apple’s software, but there were still plenty of problems that haven’t been ironed out.

Even if you are using the latest iPhone x or iPhone 5s, you will instantly notice everything is faster and smoother from opening the phone to switching between apps. Some of the other features of iOS 12 are as follows:

  1. Tech addiction tool:

Apple is adding tools that would help the customer use their phone less and utilize their time more. A new activity report will track how much time you’re spending on your mobile device and how you are spending it. Apple will also be sending notifications, but we can decide how much we would like to use our phone by ourselves.

2. Memoji 

Tigers, koalas, and T-rexes, Apple Company is adding new animals (and a ghost) to the Animoji feature, which is only available to iPhone X users. It’s also adding tongue detection, so the animals mimic your tongue movements. But the biggest emoji news is a new option to create an Animoji that looks just like you. Called a Memoji, the feature lets you create a cartoon version of yourself. Users can select a skin color, freckles, hairstyle, head shape, eyewear.

3. Team Face Time

 Face Time will soon be able to support video chats with up to 32 people. If you’re in an unwieldy group chat, you can start a FaceTime directly from Messages so you can argue with family members over video.

4. Reality Augmented

iOS Twelve focuses on augmented reality. Apple is also showed off a new AR tool, measures that turn your phone into an $800 ruler. It also highlighted how some developers, such as Lego, are incorporating the popular robust applications.

5. Privacy

Apple was announced some new privacy and anti-tracking features coming to its Safari browser. Federighi got in a tiny dig at Facebook at the same time. Comment fields and like and share buttons are now turned off by default in Safari. Apple said the tools are used to track people across different sites to serve them ads. In an on-stage demo, Apple showed an image of a browser blocking “” from using cookies and website data while you browse the web.

And a lot more of the features are more to come as they are still working on it.

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