Cyber Security Webinar

9th October 2020, Kathmandu

Center for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI) and Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCERT) is all set to organize an international cybersecurity webinar.

The topic of the webinar discussion is – Strategies for National Cyber Security.

The massive involvement and advancement in the Internet have certainly made lives easier in terms of online connectivity and communications. However, we must not forget the risks that come with it.

Furthermore, there have been many incidents related to cybersecurity throughout the country and the rest of the world during the pandemic. As we have experienced the growing threat in cybersecurity in Nepal, it is important to discuss and implement strategies to tackle the challenges.

Thus, such events involving experts and organizations working in cybersecurity to come together and form a strategy is much appreciated.

Through this event, CSRI Nepal and npCERT will join hands to welcome cybersecurity experts to give their valuable insights.

The keynote topic for the event is – Cybersecurity for All: Learn How Hackers Can Access & Control Electronics Devices Remotely and How to Combat Such Cyber Attacks.

Webinar Details
Topic – International Webinar 2020: Strategies for National Cyber Security
Date – October 10, 2020
Start – 9 AM UTC+05:45
Venue – Zoom (webinar)

Keynote Speaker – Danda Bir Rawat, Ph.D., IET Fellow

To know the webinar outline, click here.


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