Live Cyber Threat Map

10th June 2021, Kathmandu

According to the Live Cyber Threat Map, Nepal is in the First Position

What Is Cyber Threat?

A cyber or cybersecurity threat is a malicious act. It seeks to damage data, steal data, or disrupt digital life in general.

Cyber threats come from numerous threat actors such as; Hostile nation-states, Terrorist groups, Hacktivists, Disgruntled insiders, Hackers, Accidental actions of authorized users.

Nepal is seen in the topmost country, as seen in the Live Cyber Threat Map.

Malware, Spyware, Phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, Trojans, Wiper attacks, Intellectual property theft, Theft of money, Data Manipulation are various examples of Cyberthreat.

Cybersecurity risks aren’t always under the direct control of your IT security team. Unfortunately, here is the same thing is happening in Nepal.

Pair with business leaders making technology-related risk decisions every day, in every department, without even knowing it, Marketing tool that has poor security, Lack of proper IT information are the main reasons for being Nepal in the 1st rank of Cyber threat.

Why do Cyberthreat/attack happen:

  • business’ financial details
  • customers’ financial details (e.g., credit card data)
  • sensitive personal data
  • customers’ or staff email addresses and login credentials
  • customer databases
  • clients lists
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT services (e.g., the ability to accept online payments)
  • intellectual-property (e.g., trade secrets or product designs)

Impact of Cyber Threat:

Financial loss:

    1. Theft of corporate information

    2. Theft of financial information

    3. Theft of Money

    4. Loss of Business or contract

Reputational Damage:

      1. Loss of Customers

      2. Loss of Sales

      3. Reduction in Profits

Nepal is seen in the First position in the Live Security Threat Map as we are all known about the impacts of Cyberthreat and attacks. Therefore, the main organizations and even the individuals are requested to be aware.

Live Cyber Threat Map: Click Here

How to protect yourself against cyber threat/cybercrime:

  • Use a full-service internet security suite
  • Use strong passwords
  • Keep your software updated
  • Manage your social media settings
  • Strengthen your home network
  • Keep up to date on major security breaches
  • Take measures to help protect yourself against identity theft.


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