Cyber Security Practices and Future Plan: Real Scenario in ISPs In Nepal

Future cyber security threats and challenges

Feb 9th, 2020, Kathmandu
Every time you connect to the Internet from PCs or smartphones, there is a growing risk of a cyber attack. If the threat is at your workplace, then the entire company around you could be vulnerable as well, and, too often, the result is a significant data breach.

Faced with this threat to any company, regardless of its size or global reach, must eventually acknowledge that information security requires a significant investment. But what tools and processes return the most bang for your buck?

A growing number of experts believe that new information technology based on machine learning as well as artificial intelligence is where the smart money lies when it comes to end devices, network, and data security.

Cyber Security: The Service Providers Perspective Presented By Samit Jana, ISPAN

For more details: Cyber Security The Service Providers Perspective


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