Selling Your Innovation Projects to Government Of Nepal


Kathmandu, 8th February

The government of Nepal is currently looking to promote creative and innovative ideas and projects coming from young innovators. So, if you are thinking of developing new technology here in Nepal but feel that you are financially incapable of properly applying the idea, then you can get funded by the government. The government is financially supporting your new ideas and innovations.

The government has been providing financial assistance to people with innovative ideas, concluding that the development of new thinking and technology is essential for a prosperous Nepal campaign currently in operation.

Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Khumaltar on Friday announced a notice that mentions that a grant of up to Rs. 10,00,000 will be provided to the ideas they feel capable of.

The applicant will have to apply with their proposals within 35 days of the notice at the NAST office.

A sample of the application is available on NAST’s website. The proposals that innovators will provide have to be a way to solve common Nepalese problems existing currently. And, after receiving the grant, the work has to be completed within the current financial year.

Applicants should propose a way to solve existing problems in the field of agricultural technology and mechanization, food technology, information technology, energy, and transportation technology, urban development technology, emerging technology, utilization of natural resources, environment and climate change.

This initiative from the government is a great way of investing the proper resources for research and development of innovative ideas that may provide an essential breakthrough for the advancement in Nepal.


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