CAN Federation  is conducting Cyber Security Conference to stop the cyber crime. Actually the cyber crime or computer crime or the IT crime is the same things. Dr. Richard Lamb has discussed on bridge building events. It is critical in building the human networks that run the internet “network”. Dr. Richard Lamb has discussed on the plan to make the fast moving internet for the future. Dr. Richard Lamb has also discussed on The Internet of Things (IoT), is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. IoT also provides information on light built, lock, car, and heart pacemaker and internet router. IoT has lots of advantages; 1. It is an opportunity to progress technically and benefit economically. 2. It also helps to the engineers, dreamers, realize their goals rule of law, IP Protection, Business acumen and become a source of cyber security solution. It is not innovate and lead. He has also discussed on DNS, is a part of IT economics. The scalable security for IoT contains: 1. DNS 2. DNSSEC These both are included within it. Finally, he has also include the typical word ”Jugaad”.