Cyber Threat Intelligence: A way to combat Cyber Security Incident Mr. Bijay Limbu Senihang is an honorable person from the Rigo Technology Private Limited. He has given his speech on the current problems caused by the cyber crime around 2015 along with the latest problem of wifi hacking and Google hacking in Nepal. He has mentioned that, around 957 sites have been hacked in 2015. As latest issues, he has given his speech on the security breached happened on 2 Nepali Bank. Along with these, he has also discussed on Malware attack, VIP attack, and Ransom ware attack. Brain dead is one of the cyber security challenges. Cyber security intelligence has lots of advantages like proactive defence, identify the problem of organization and connect security with business. But in Nepal reactive defence system has been used. He also explained in detail about the threat and cyber threat intelligence.