To send heart beat, it’s very devastating features to send heartbeats and this mainly profit goes to apple watch wearers. It has the little trick and have for fun which equally makes us cool and slight creep factor.

Watch OS 2comes out

Its mainly demonstrate watch uniqueness  and there are mainly less apps for apple watch in compare with android. There features are very differ towards other and not seen and this also called the smart wear watches. Its simply have the digital touch which is helpful for draw pictures and to send to friends which are detailed and watch faces.

How to send Heart beat ?

The step wise description of sending heartbeat to your friends are given below:

Click on the side button besides the Digital crown to open your friends interface.

Select the friends among the friend list to whom you want to send your heart beat to but the people must have the apple watch.

Tab the digital icon

Put the little hand under your friends face on the button and move the middle part of the screen.

Press the screen using two fingers.

A pink heart- shaped blob will pop up a representation of your heart beat. The watch haptick will kick up and you will essentially feel the heart beat rhythm you are sending off to your friends.

You can then hold down the screen for a longer and heartbeat message or move your fingers away for a heartbeat hello.

You can let them know someone to your friends who are thinking of them from far away or just wired out your other apple watch wearing friends.