Cyber War On Cyber Security Threats, Data Breaches

Cyber-security is a crucial issue, with the increasing threat of data breaches and network security. Cyber-security and cyber-war are no longer an unknown word.  Renowned companies like Target and Home Depot have been subject to hackers, who have been putting their millions of dollars at risk, so the fear of cyber-attack is real for many organizations. The hackers attempt to steal proprietary company and customer information in highly publicized data breaches.

Large-scale companies still have to depend on government agencies to protect their data from breaching. As TechRepublic’s Jack Wallen said, “What compounds this issue is that this directly affects both business and consumers. Businesses run the risk of being obliged to lose, and consumers stand to lose their hard-earned income. Beyond the business-consumer issues, cyber-warfare and cyber-security have now escalated to the point where society, as a whole, could just as easily be at risk.”

Wallen even stated that before the security was defined by the military where countries dumped billions of dollars into defense budgets to ensure the military bodies, but now, the biggest threats to a nation’s security lies in the protection of data and data pipelines.

Companies have to be clear about the security needed for cyber-attacks and how they can reduce those threats; either by using closed-internet user groups or my hiring cyber-security professionals or any other way. Even with professionals in the IT department and companies like large scale or small, and can be the victim of data breaching.

Source: TechRepublic