Cybersecurity at Priority in the Forthcoming Budget Of Nepal

14th May 2020, Kathmandu

In the forthcoming budget, Cybersecurity will receive priority and Digital Nepal Framework will be integrated.

Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada, Minister of Finance, Communications, and Information Technology said that cybersecurity will receive priority in the budget.

In a meeting with the House of Representatives, the Finance Minister said that Cybersecurity is addressed in the budget itself.  Such plans came forward while giving information about the principles and priorities of the budget for the coming fiscal year.

With the rise of Digitization in Nepal, incidents of hacking and data theft are also rising. Therefore, the government is implementing to prioritize cybersecurity in the coming budget announcement.

In addition to cybersecurity, the Minister is also planning to prioritize Digital Nepal Framework.

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“Digital Nepal Framework will move forward in an integrated and coordinated manner, cybersecurity will be our priority, and e-commerce will also move forward,” says Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada.

The Telecommunication Service will be more qualitative and accessible to every Nepali. The Minister informed by taking into consideration the necessity and importance of communication in the years to come.

Digital Nepal Framework

The Digital Nepal Framework includes one nation, eight sectors, and 80 digital initiatives.

The study claims that there are eight dimensions of the Digital Nepal framework. The framework consists of the digital foundation, agriculture, health, education, energy, tourism, finance, and urban infrastructure.

However, this is a framework from 2018. The beauty of this framework is that it features a 5-year plan to develop ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) sector of Nepal.

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The discussion regarding the Framework

Although digital Nepal is the government’s mega project, it’s a challenging job to implement it in the country.

Due to poor ICT infrastructure, financial resources, geographical diversity, low skilled human resource, technology import, its upgrading and maintenance, the digital divide between citizens, crucial and rude bureaucratic nature, unsystematic working process, weak policy, gap, and lapses; and not proper government’s monitoring, supervision and control mechanism.

It may face many challenges during the operation.

This discussion is an extraction from the Digital Nepal Framework.

That was in 2018. This is 2020.

We all hope that this year’s budget planning works as per plan and we get to experience Cybersecurity at its best and Digital Nepal Framework first hand.


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