Cybersecurity Situation in Nepal is at risk, Ram Krishna Pariyar

Nepal e-Governance Society

21st June 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal’s cybersecurity is at risk, integrated development of information technology is required. Experts in the field of information technology have said that Nepal’s cybersecurity is under threat.

Nepal E-Governance Society (NEGS), Speaking in a webinar on e-governance and data security organized by. Dr. Purushottam Kharel said that strong security cannot be guaranteed in the area.

According to him, no concrete work has been done on how to bring such service to the doorsteps of people in the context of e-governance. Lack of infrastructure is the main challenge. However, he said that the development of infrastructure and increased awareness will help in its development.

Dr. Kharel said that the government needed to develop policies and strategies with the help of experts.

Making the right decisions about what kind of infrastructure is needed is equally important. He said that an integrated framework should be created covering the central, state, and local levels as well as the private sector.

He said that such policy and work has not yet been done in an integrated manner and despite suggestions to the government, it has not been implemented. He said that people should work in such a way that they can feel.

Likewise, Ram Krishna Pariyar, ICANN SSR2 Member, said that the cybersecurity situation in Nepal is at risk.

He said that online services and e-governance require agile and reliable cybersecurity, but the government policy is good but implementation is slow.

However, he said the situation was not very sensitive and the situation in Nepal was good, especially in South Asia.

Ramesh Prasad Pokharel, Assistant Director of the National Information Technology Center, said that some government portals had been hacked and security was weak.

According to him, some of these acts from abroad have been done through applications, which would have been riskier if done through the network.

Problems can sometimes arise when software and operating systems are not updated. He said that there is a need to raise awareness.

The IT Digital Nepal Framework encompasses the development strategy of the entire IT sector of Nepal. It envisages a paperless government under the Digital Foundation Policy and plans to establish national cybersecurity and provincial data center, ”he said.

The Nepal e-Governance Society has organized a webinar on e-governance services, infrastructure, and security in Nepal in the context of the increasing use of information technology after blocking the movement of people.

At a time when the coronavirus is attacking the whole world, the use of electronic systems in various fields including governance is becoming more and more important.

The program was conducted by Deepesh Ghimire and Deepender Paudel. NEGS aims to build an information-based society and assist in the expansion, use, and development of information technology.

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