Amazing entries for Danfe Designs Logo Contest. Participate Today.

How to Participate?

Hello fellow designers, If you want to participate then here are the steps:

Send them your finished logo drafts/design for this contest at [email protected]

Once you send your drawings, They will add you to a Trello board within the next 2-3 hours where all the plans will be posted.
Please check your email regularly from Trello.
Once you receive Trello Invite, accept the invite, and you will be logged in to trello. They will create an individual card under your Full Name for you to post your designs. You can see other designers work on trello. But They recommend you do not copy others logo. Others works can be public, but feedback comments will be private. They will email you back with feedbacks. Once you receive feedback, you can repost your logo design with changes on your trello card. Name to incorporate in Logo Dance Designs.

About our Organization

They are a small team of UI/UX designers, app designers, and marketers that honors the world of creativity, art, and design. We work on designing mobile apps, Web UI designs, UX testing, Usability testing for our various clients ranging from US, Europe. We have been in this industry since the last couple of years so consider we consider us as a new company.

Target Audience

Our target market is entrepreneurs, CEO, co-founders, creative directors and business owners who require some assistance with their mobile apps designs and website designs. They are mostly busy and hard working people. They are primarily tech-savvy people who have an understanding of web and design. They are generally aged between 25-40.