The deerexpress club is conducting Data Science Meetup on 11th of July 2017 at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. The speaker for the event is Mr. Basanta Dhungana Ph.D. He is Senior Data Science Consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
You can fill up this form to reserve your seat.

The topics to be included are:
1. Application of supervised and non-supervised learning for personalized targeted marketing: Lesson learned from business application
2. How data science and machine learning could help public sector policy making?
3. Popular open source technologies for data science and machine learning for fueling startup
Anyone working in this field is most welcomed to share their experience.
For more information, you can contact our program coordinators
Rejal Dhakal(9857015090)
Ujjwal Poudel(9841445504)
The fee for attending the meetup is free


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