Deevyaa Securities & Stock House Has Partnered With Khalti

Deevyaa Securities Partners with Khalti to Enable Demat and MeroShare Renewal Fee Payments to Its Customers
Deevyaa Securities Partners with Khalti to Enable Demat and MeroShare Renewal Fee Payments to Its Customers

August 19, 2019, Kathmandu

Khalti, an emerging digital wallet & payment gateway in Nepal has partnered with Deevyaa Securities & Stock House (DSSH) Pvt. Ltd. DSSH is member broker of Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) and a registered and licensed Depository Participant (DP) of CDS and Clearing Limited, the central depository of Nepal.

After this partnership, DSSH has started using Khalti’s payment gateway for digital payment processing. Now, customers of DSSH will be able to pay the renewal fee of their Demat and MeroShare accounts directly from Khalti app and website. They can avail the Demat and MeroShare renewal fee payments facility at no extra costs, in a very secure and reliable way. All the transactions in Demat and MeroShare renewal fee payments take place in real-time.

DEMAT is an account that allows investors to hold their shares in an electronic form. Users must have DEMAT account to enable electronic settlements of all the trades. DSSH provides an easy and reliable approach to open DEMAT Account. So far, more than 6500 clients have opened DEMAT account in Deevyaa Securities.

Speaking about the partnership with Khalti to enable DSSH customers for digital payment of Demat and MeroShare renewal fee, Ram Prasad Acharya, Managing Director of DSSH shared,

“We are excited to collaborate with Khalti. Now, our customers can pay their Demat and MeroShare renewal fee directly from their smartphone using Khalti app. In addition to benefiting the customers, going digital will benefit stock brokerage houses like DSSH as well since it will help in keeping track of renewal fee payers and make it easier to track irregularities.”

Similarly, Khalti’s Managing Director Manish Modi shared,

“We are glad to collaborate with Deevyaa Securities & Stock House and enable its customers to make payments easily using Khalti’s app and website. Now DSSH customers longer need to visit the broker company’s office or bank to perform tasks as simple as paying the Demat and MeroShare account renewal fee. They can pay the account renewal fee in a very easy, convenient and secure way using Khalti app and website in just a few clicks. It is a gesture from Khalti that all fee payment services are going digital.

Process for Deevyaa Securities Demat and MeroShare payment using Khalti:

  1. Sign up and log in to Khalti using its app or website.
  2. Tap on the Share icon on the home screen.
  3. Tap on Deevyaa Securities icon and choose Demat or MeroShare. Enter Client ID (16 digits Demat account number) and tap on Details button.
  4. Demat/MeroShare account details and the payable amount will be shown. Tap on Pay.
  5. After the successful payment, the Demat/MeroShare account will be renewed automatically.


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