‘Sagoon Lite’ App Now Available for Download in Nepal

Sagoon Lite first anonymous social app is available publicly in Nepal

August 20, 2019, Kathmandu

Social media is vast; there is no denying that how various app has been a powerful platform for raising awareness and for both positive and negative development. The Sagoon Lite, a new social app is launched by Sagoon Inc. to bring a change in the media world which is now available for download in Nepal.

It is a free social commerce app that allows you to Connect, Share and Earn.

It’s the first time in history, a multi-application platform has been developed and launched from India. The main aim of developing this app is to create a new social world from South Asia.

 A comprehensive suite of features like – My day, Secret story and Mood talk are available. The main purpose of each feature is to strengthen true connections and be productive through networking.


It can help to reflect your daily activities with your closed ones whose company gives you peace of mind. At the same time if you want to share your information, observations, experiences, crime encounters incident without disclosing your identity you can use secret story. This helps people to share their views and opinions in a secret way which might be helpful for other members of society.

The next is mood talk, it is a chatting tool which lets your mood do the talking. Every moment there is always something going on your surroundings that you live, you are happy, sad or sick sometimes. You can update this through mood talking. Like Instagram and Facebook, the shared stories don’t last more than 24 hours.

This app has got attention in three countries, India, Nepal, and the US. Unlike a popular social media platform Facebook, it offers unique id where username or password is not required to log in instead phone numbers and email is needed.

The Sagoon lite app has launched intending to create a productive platform for innovations and job creations. It aims to simplify both professional and personal lives. It has already acquired 2.8 million users through its web version and android app.


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