Here is an interview with Hemant Chaurasia, President of CAN Federation regarding the current scene of ICT in Nepal. Let’s see what he says.

Government has even prioritized the field of ICT; Ministry of Communication has made a 5-year plan for drastic changes in ICT, in this case, what kind of role will be there of CAN Federation?  

It can be surely found that the present government is positively focusing on the development of ICT. Earlier there used to be separate ministry for communication and science and technology but now there is Ministry of information communication and Technology.

Concerning for the development of the country the government’s positive policy regarding ICT should reach on every sector and every part of the country. For this CAN Federation will always assist the government actively.

Government is also planning to provide access of ICT in urban areas, in this task of government CAN is ready to help the government in every possible way.

Being the umbrella organization of private sector, CAN Federation will create a proper environment to work for the development of ICT.

Within two years the government has planned to provide standard communication facility and high-speed Internet at every local level, Similarly, digitalizing all the community school is also included in the plan. The budget for these plans has already been separated. What do you have to say about it? Is it possible to digitalize all the community school?

The government has already proceeded towards making digital education system in the community school. Being a President of CAN I must say wheatear it is private or government organization works on paper are still highly in operation.  Still, the implementations of digital services are in unsafe condition. In every field, digitalization is not appropriately focused yet.

The concept like Digital India, Digital China has already been developed. Soon Nepal will also grow such kind of concept; we will bring it because it is our responsibility.

The process of digitalizing community schools and providing high internet facility and proper communication service will take some time. Nepal Government and other organizations have checked the situations delicately, that’s why digitalizing the community school is possible. Supports from private and government organizations are highly required for this mission.

Topics like smart city and smart society are gaining high popularity. What kind of progress is happening on these things? How long will it take for the beginning of Smart Nepal?   

Recently we have done an IT conference regarding ‘Sustainable development for smart society’. CAN Federation is about to submit its report to the government.

The concept of a smart city has developed the idea of digital Nepal. The most excellent plans for the lively city cannot be established until and unless we don’t include our culture, tradition, nature, education system on it. Thinking only from the western perspective will be the hurdle for the process of a smart city.

The government has already disclosed seven cities for the process of smart city, but the work has not been started yet. We believe that the present government will anyhow complete this mission. The movement is not in the speed as it is supposed to be in.

A few weeks back, the meeting of the Council of Ministers has been paperless. The need of communication and technology for government has increased. What is the condition of the government’s information and technology now? Have we moved on the path of E-Governance?

Comparatively, there has been a drastic change in the working style of government offices. Not only council of minister many other government sectors have also been computerized. It is a thing to be proud. Seeing this process it will not be wrong to say that we have already stepped towards digital Nepal.

We can’t say that our status regarding information and technology is poor. But if we compare with other developed countries we are back enough.

Definitely, Nepal is moving towards digital Nepal because thing stuff license, citizenship, bank cards, bus, hotels, and restaurants have become technological friendly.

CAN often organizes its program in a collaboration different internet service provider, But there is also criticism that the common Nepali are most often cheated regarding the speed and service of internet. Is CAN unaware or less interested towards these things?

CAN Federation is a representative of private sectors. It is NTA’s job to monitor the quality of internet. Regarding this issue, we have been complaining to NTA for a long time.

To avoid issues regarding poor internet service and speed government should make strict rules and policies. The present internet status is comparatively better. Concerned authority is being reckless towards the problem.

What are the future plans of CAN for the development of information and technology?

There are a lot of works that CAN Federation should perform. Our directive consists of many errors; first of all, we need to correct it. The most important thing is the organization is not developing as it is supposed to be. Recently district and state branch have been formed, even the structure of the state came in. Proper management of the organization will be one of the main focus of CAN.

The next thing is Federation doesn’t have its own building; it is carrying all of its work in a rented house. We are planning to quickly manage this problem.  Our effort on digitalizing the nation, building the scope of ICT and creating technological friendly environment will always be there.


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