Technorio Rejects Cash; Goes Cashless

Lets Go Cashless Nepal

5th August 2018

When it comes to making payment for any services, or purchasing any goods, many of us are still using Cash. While this can seem to be more comfortable, the hassle of carrying cash, the insecurity and such has forced corporate and individuals of using alternative payment methods including online banking and debit/credit cards. Going cashless has been a worldwide trend, now. Cashless transactions not only ease to both customers and business but also makes every transaction transparent.

The data published by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the state-owned bank of Nepal shows that Nepal spent nearly 940 Million Rupees in F.Y. 2073/74 alone just for printing Bank Notes of the different denomination. As per the bank’s report, these notes of varying faith have a life of nearly three years. We can see how countries like ours are spending millions of rupees in just printing bank notes while we can significantly reduce this only by decreasing cash transaction and increasing cashless transactions. NRB has also thus emphasized in cashless transactions.

With the aim of promoting digital payment and bringing convenience to every transaction, Technorio Inc. has decided not to accept any amounts in the form of bank notes and carry out all the transactions electronically, starting 5th August 2018. The primary idea/purpose of going cashless is quite simple: it’s more efficient. We believe going cashless is a win-win situation because digital is the future, and we want to lead the change. We probably are the first IT company in Nepal who has made this major announcement of not accepting cash anymore for payments and thus going cashless. We feel happy to have been leading this.

Technorio as a company is thinking sustainably to the core values of decision making that will last longer with an eye on the future. To reject cash and doing cashless transactions, Technorio has already partnered with different payment gateways including Khalti and nay. Also, Technorio has availed POS device at its office premises, having partnered with NIC Asia bank for the same. Customers can now make payments to any of the services provided by Technorio via their Khalti account, SCT Cards, as well as e-banking and mobile banking of various banks. For instance, customers can visit to make payments for their services. Similarly, customers visiting Technorio to make payments can use their VISA Cards and make payments via the POS terminal available. Technorio is working to partner with more such payment processing companies/gateways to ease their customers further to make payments.

Building Cashless Nepal is not possible by a single effort. Technorio thus is also encouraging its partner companies/organization, clients, customers and everyone else to go cashless. We’ll also be helping out all our partner companies, organization, clients and customers to transition from cash-transaction to cashless transaction by assisting technically in any way possible. With this initiation, we believe we can see cashless Nepal, soon!

To promote and encourage its customers to make online/cashless payments, Technorio has also brought a limited time offer where customers will be provided up to 15% cashback on all transactions made and many other exciting gift hampers. Customers, upon making payments via any available payment gateway or using their Cards, will be provided this cash back and other gift hampers.

Since the beginning of establishment, Technorio has been closely working with many different corporate and individuals to meet their ICT requirements. Technorio has also been providing opportunities to students and freshers to work in the corporate environment. They believe in delivering values from any works that we do, and we hope to keep improving in days to come.

They are very hopeful from this initiation of going cashless, and this can be possible with everyone’s support. Let’s join hands to build a cashless society and cashless Nepal.

#LetsGoCashless #CashlessNepal


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