Difference Between Orange And Blue Reliance Jio SIM Packs

As we all know that Reliance Jio SIM had wholly changed the telecom market since it is offering the best services with high-speed mobile internet facilities to the 90% of the Indians along with free voice calls and messaging services. Furthermore, it has promised that the data transfer services of the 4G network will reach up to 135Mbps, so people have gone crazy and be in front of Reliance’s Digital Store or Xpress Mini Store.

If you are also one of them being in a line to receive Reliance Jio SIM packs, then you might have seen some people receiving different SIM Packaging than yours. The reason behind using Orange and Blue Reliance Jio SIM packs revel on this article.

If you received an Orange Colored Jio SIM Packs, it represents that you got an older SIM and is unlimited in all services like SMS, Calls, and Internet, etc. The Jio SIM Packs come with its number and users can’t port-in their existing Mobile Number.

The Blue Colored Sim Card is also the same but comes with some significant change and modification. It also comes with unlimited services and provides 4GB Daily High-speed internet after 4G of the usage of the speed will be felled up to 128Kbps. Besides, it is also supposed to use for Mobile Number Portability and is generated online through the eKYC process which activates the SIM within just 5 to 15 minutes.

Note: If you desire to get an Orange Version of SIM cards then just forget it since it is run out of stock.

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