Different Ways to Download Videos from youtube to your PC

The increasing demand of people for watching you tube videos on smartphones has increased the demand of data as well. And the expenditure has been found to reach to its optimum while watching the same video repeatedly via mobile data. But, such videos may be downloaded, which reduce the expenditure of using the data.

Many different applications can be found in the Google Play Store which allows us to download videos from you tube. YouTube videos can be easily downloaded over our mobile phones by using such applications. Download Manager for Android, Fast HD Video Down-loader, Easy Tube Wonder share Player, Infinity Web Browser Download Manager Pro etc are some of the applications which help in downloading the videos. We can navigate or download the videos after searching them on you tube. For downloading, we need to click on the green arrow which appears after selecting the video.

Now, you can just go to the video click on the arrow and download the desired videos in any desired format. The downloaded videos are saved to the videos folder inside gallery in the phone directory.