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27th June 2021, Kathmandu

The webinar on “Digital Marketing Trends in Nepal ” was completed virtually on Saturday, 26th June.

The major agenda of the event was- Digital Marketing Trends in Nepal. Similarly, the event discussed various aspects of digital marketing trends and ways to grow the business and brand on digital platforms.

The main objective of the webinar was to help grow the business at home.

Similarly, to empower yourself and career growth on Digital Marketing was also the motto of the event.

ICT Frame Magazine organized the event. Likewise, co-organizers were: and Delight Solutions, ICT Byte, Tech Bloggers Nepal, Top Nepal, and Orbitech Nepal.

The Speakers of the event were: Nirajan Patel, Sabun Dhital, Raunak Neupane and Sanjay Karki .

Discussions from the Webinar

Sanjay Karki- Digital Marketing Head of Durbar Mart Pvt. Ltd

Sanjay Karki reflected on video marketing growth around the World.

Digital Marketing Head of DurbarmartVideo Marketing is video content that creates awareness, educates, or entertains in any digital platform.

These days most downloaded app in the world is Tiktok (a Short Video app). The Most Popular Entertainment App is YouTube / Netflix (Video app), and the Most Popular Social Media is Facebook (Mostly Focusing on Video ).

He stated, “that these apps are powerful video marketing tools in Nepal because these apps have taken a good place in market.”

Most importantly, Tiktok is more important and popular among people.

According to Sanjay Karki, the video must be only 10 seconds, but it must be effective and attractive.

If the video is long, the users get bore watching it.

The easiest way to start video marketing is by defining the audience and checking age group, interest, lifestyle, gender, profession, and other interest.

Before starting video marketing, one should determine the objective. Either the content in it is Brand Awareness, Educational, or Entertainment.

If it is about brand awareness then, the video should be of 2 minutes. The content about the brand must be short and clear.

And speaking about educational content, if you are writing about a restaurant, you can state the types of raw materials, hygiene of the staff and the restaurant, delivery service.

While making an entertainment video, the video must be of the 10min-1 hour.

The video must include all about brand awareness, education about the brand, entertainment about the brand.

Sabun Dhital, Digital Team Lead, Katha Nepal, Former Digital Marketing Executive at Spark Tech

Reflecting on the Digital Marketing trends in Nepal, Sabun Dhital spoke about Social Media Popularity in Nepal.

Social Media Trends NepalFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok are the most popular social media in Nepal.

These days Live videos, social media stories, Niche Social Platform User- Generated Content, Influencers Marketing.

She spoke about these various topics and said that” Many brands of Nepal are acquainted with famous celebrities, Youtubers, Instragrammer and TikTok influencers to spread the word about the brand or business by social channels.”

Raunak Neupane- Content Manager at Orbitech Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Raunak Neupane provided detailed information about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO Trends NepalHe said that although beginners think that SEO is totally a technical part, it is not.

If you target the audience search and intend to satisfy their search and give solutions for their problems, it will really help get ranks.

70.6% of all traffic starts from a search engine. The #1 result in Google gets more than 30% of all clicks.

He also spoke about Review Schema, Video SEO, and Voice Search.

Review Schema basically provides information to search engines to understand your content better. Likewise, Schema reflects rich snippets if you provide your website’s valid review and ratings to search engines.

Similarly, Video SEO means optimizing video to be indexed and rank on the search engine result pages for relevant keywords.

The most interesting thing is that Google ranks some videos at the top for certain keywords.

Globally more than 27% of people use the voice search features on their mobile devices.

This is popular in the 16-34 age group—more the increment of smartphone users in Nepal, increment of voice search usage.

The important thing for content optimization for Voice search is you must structure the page conversationally or naturally.

Nirajan Patel- Digital Marketer of Top Nepal International

 He spoke on how the money can be made using Google AdSense at the event.

Google AdSense Trend NepalAdSense is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video, or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

Google AdSense can be categorized into two parts; YouTube and Website/Blog.

There must be 1000 subscribe and 4000 hrs. Watch time, and the video should not be copyright. You should use your own Video for Monetization.

There must be a minimum of 20 pieces of content going towards the website, and the content should be unique, and the site should not be blocked.

He also reflected and spoke about the advantages of Google AdSense.

The AdSense is Free, Very Few investments of Time, Customizable Ads, Multiple websites from one account, Search option keeps visitors on itself, No Any product Required.

Google AdSense doesn’t accept on the various sites: Pornography content, Dangerous or derogatory content, Alcohol-related content, Tobacco-related content, Hacking and cracking content, Pages that offer compensation programs, Violent content, Misrepresentative content, and illegal content.

The Moderator of the event was Ranjit Shrestha, Chief Operating Officer at Delight Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The event was beneficial, and it helps build a bridge to the consumers by utilizing IT and Digital Marketing of products and services.

Watch the Full Video: Click Here


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