Hat Bazar Krishi

4th April 2021, Kathmandu

Farmers are the heart of our country. As they are our country’s heart means they have all the quality of life right. But they were sleeping without the bite of food, have no place to shelter. They produce crops but they have failed to sell their crops in the market.

Traders and buyers in the cities have been unable to purchase the product directly from the farmers.

On the other hand, Agricultural imports have cost billions of rupees. In order to solve this problem a mobile App called Hat Bazaar Krishi was created, This App will link buyers and sellers using their mobile devices for free.

Farmers and traders can use this app to set their own prices for their products and advertise specifics such as photo, price, location, quality of goods, delivery facility, and so on.

This will help the buyer to purchase the products sold by the farmer directly from the farmer.

If farmers want to rent their produce, such as paddy, maize, wheat, vegetables, fruits, spices, meat, livestock, fish, seeds, domestic products, nurseries, agricultural inputs, and farmland. They can sell it for free via this app.

It is expected that the Hat Bazar app users will be informed immediately about the goods to be sold by the farmer. This will help them to sell their goods more quickly.

Filtering products, removing sold goods, building seller profiles, reading agricultural news, watching videos, listening to FMs, and even sharing on social media are all features of the app.

This App is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.


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