Digital Saugat

4th May 2022, Kathmandu

Saugat Basnet aka Digital Saugat is a Digital Marketer who is on a mission to create 1 Lakh Digital Marketing experts all over Nepal who can serve the national & international markets with their digital skills.


Working with national & international companies he has gained more than 5 years of experience in the Digital Marketing space. But, like everyone else he wanted to do something of his own.

He quit his high-paying Digital Marketing Manager job to pursue his dream to start a venture & be his own BOSS. He invested all his saving to set up his office and hired a few employees but unfortunately, lockdown happened & his dreams were shattered.

He was frustrated, depressed & broke because he has quit his job &, his freelancing work to focus completely on his start-up.

One fine day, he came up with an idea to create a Digital Product i.e. online course & sell it in lockdown. With lots of plans & preparation, he made & launched his course. He priced it at Rs 999 & his target was to sell 50 courses only.

But, within a month he sold that course to more than 700 people & was able to generate 7 lakhs out of it.

He realized how lucky he was because he has a digital skills which helped him to generate income even in the lockdown. Many people lost their jobs, many have to shut down their businesses, whereas he was doing completely fine.

With that note, he started his mission to create 1 Lakh Digital Marketing experts all over Nepal who can earn with their digital skills.

He wanted to provide digital industry skills which will help people to implement that skill in their real life, jobs, or business. With that vision, he started an ed-tech platform called sikumna website where he provides online video tutorial courses & has enrolled more than 8500 students now.

Not only that, he is providing FREE Digital Marketing course to everyone who wants to learn & have enrolled more than 3500 students till now.

He has more than 100 reviews on Google about his FREE course which has helped a lot of students out there.

You can also enroll in this program if you want to support his mission:

He says, “I am actually working for myself for my mission, but in the process, everyone who has an urge to learn & do something great in the Digital Marketing space will reap the benefits.”


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