Digital Signature For Banking And Finance, Biplavman Singh

Standard Chartered procures Digital Signature from Nepal Certifying Company Pvt. Ltd

Nepal Certifying Company (NCC) penned a deal to deliver Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) to Standard Chartered Bank Limited making it’s the first commercial Bank in Nepal to use the Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) for conducting their online transactions.

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Nepal Certifying Company has been managing the Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) issued by Radiant Info Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the Issuing Certifying Authority (CA) in Nepal. It has been working to implement Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) all over the country and replacing papered activities.

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This deal will help Standard Chartered Bank Limited achieve its aim of making its banking activities paperless with “E-statement” and to carry out “Straight forward bank” services via the internet.

Biplav Man Singh, Chairman said: “We are delighted to be able to provide Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) to Standard Chartered Bank Limited. It is our first deal with a commercial bank and NCC aims to make such deals with other banks as well. We aim to make Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) the efficient and effective medium for authentication and security of online transactions.”

A Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) are produced by using the PKI method. DSC is a data with digital signature from one trusted Certification Authority (CA).

Digital Signature Certificate includes Information about the owner of the Certificate, the Signer of the Certificate (CA), and validity of the Certificate. The main usages of DSC are Identification & Authentication, Data Integrity, Non-Repudiation and Security of the Subscriber.