We don’t know how the Future holds for us. Future keeps on getting excited and exciting. The world is moving ahead towards innovation, and everything that had predicted is proving to be true, and even if some haven’t been able to be true, they are not that far to be right in the coming Future.
With the developing Technology, we have got the chance to see things that were not possible some years ago. Now predictions say that you will be getting to see what you were fantasizing from specific movies and shows.
Are you excited to hear the prediction we are going to tell you about?
It’s about human hybrids that are Artificially Intelligent. That’s the prediction of Ray Kurzweil, director of Engineering at Google. He says that humans will be Hybrids by 2030.
So what are hybrids?
Possessing the power of both the Computer Intellect and human itself is known as Hybrids. We do have the control of Computer in the fingers of our hands, but we should always be dependent on it for information.
Won’t it be cool if our mind itself could surf the cloud and bring out the information?
Yes, and our knowledge could also be stored in it and we could take it whenever we want. He said the brain would connect via nanobots, tiny robots made from DNA strands. Well, it seems complicated but it’s not much too.
To be exact, our thinking will be of Biological as well as non Biological. The bigger the cloud is the more information we could store and maybe in those times our exams won’t be like the ones in today’s date. People used to wish about fitting a memory card in the brains, but the future may be just too big for us.
Our thinking during late 2030 is expected to be non Biological predominantly. Our brains would be fully back up. As the nature of human being is to evolve themselves, we will be developing ourselves with innovations.
However, these are just predictions, but as the projections in this tech world are seeming to be correct eventually not caring about the actual dates, these future predictions should be denied as well. With speed we are developing the digital world, we might reach fulfill that prediction some day.
Kurzweil also talks about the negative side of those predictions. He says that it’s a double-edged sword. And like fire was invented it helped to cook our foods and keep us warm, but they did burn our houses. So we don’t yet know the consequences of this Innovation and Evolution.