Standard Chartered procures Digital Signature from Nepal Certifying Company Pvt. Ltd

Joseph Silvanus, Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, expressed his happiness for having pioneered in acquiring DSC among-st banks in Nepal.  He mentioned that it had opened a gateway for the Bank in transacting with clients efficiently through a secure mode.  He further added `Digitization remains a crucial priority for the Bank in Nepal.

Nepal Certifying Company (NCC) penned a deal to deliver Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) to Standard Chartered Bank Limited making it the first commercial bank in Nepal to use the Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC). Standard Chartered Nepal is scheduled to implement DSC in phases for authentication of communication/documents originating from its client’s, the scope of which will depend on the regulatory provisions.

This agreement will draw Standard Chartered Nepal closer to its Digitization agenda as it helps eliminate manual interventions in improving client experience.  Availability & usage of DSC is also expected to reduce the risk of repudiation as it allows the Bank to accept transaction & other related documents from clients through an electronic medium.

Biplav Man Singh, Chairman of NCC, said: “We are delighted to provide Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) to Standard Chartered Bank Limited. We aim to make Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) an efficient and effective medium for authentication and security of online transactions.”

Nepal Certifying Company has been managing the Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) issued by Radiant Info Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the Issuing Certifying Authority (CA) in Nepal. It has been working to implement Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) all over the country and replacing papered activities.