Sanima Bank Limited penned a deal to use Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) with Nepal Certifying Company to administer an online document system. The agreement was signed by Mr. Biplav Man Singh Chairman of Nepal Certifying Company and Mr. Bhuvan Dahal, Chief Executive Officer of Sanima Bank Limited.

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Nepal Certifying Company has been managing the Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) issued by Radiant Info Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd the Issuing Certifying Authority (CA) in Nepal. It has been working towards implementing Digital Signature and Certificate (DSC) all over the country and replacing paper-based activities. With this agreement, Panama has taken afore step towards being continuously innovative and keeping up with changes to satisfy investors, staff, customers, regulators and the people of the community it serves

Digital Signature Certificate helps to deal with secure, authenticate paperless transaction as mentioned by Chairman of NCC. With the implementation of DSC financial institution not only secure their operation but also helps to reinforce its” Brand Image.”