DJI Hybrid

7 March 2021, Kathmandu

Chinese company DJI has recently unveiled a hybrid FPV (First Person View) drone. It has features like the first-person perspective, speed of the racing drone, and ease of use of camera like in customer drone in one device.

What FPV?

The full form of FPV is First Person View. This means that the pilot can control the drone by wearing goggles attached to it, as the pilot sees with his own eyes (first-person view).


In general, the experience is like playing a game on a VR device. The difference is that VR games have scenes created for all games. When flying an FVP drone, all scenes are real-time and the drone has to be controlled to avoid possible collisions or accidents.


Due to its high-capacity motors, it can reach a speed of 100 kmph in 2 seconds and can fly up to 140 kmph. It has three flight modes: normal mode, manual mode, and sports mode.

It has the facility to brake and hover if required while flying in any mode. In addition, the return to home feature gives the drone a direct return to the place of flight.

The ADB-S receiver in it informs whether there is any aircraft or helicopter in the area where the drone is flying.

Up to 8 goggles can be connected at a time to view the pilot view.


The company has set the price at $1299.


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