ISPAN Accuses Telecom Authority

7 March 2021, Kathmandu

Internet service providers accused the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) of swinging for the bandwidth they use.

They also complained that the process of obtaining clearance for bandwidth had become more complex and caused more problems.

The Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal (ISPAN), the umbrella organization of Internet Service Providers, has recently sent a letter to the Chairman of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) expressing its outrage at the delay in completing the paperwork and procedure of the NTA.

In their letter, they requested the facilitation of the approval of the bandwidth and complained that they were faced with problems due to the long process in their process.

“While we, as private-sector Internet service providers, have submitted their agreements and documents to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority in a straightforward manner. We as private-sector service providers have faced a number of challenges due to the long delay in the bandwidth approval process,” he said.

ISPAN has said that it is looking forward to further facilitating this issue and is looking forward to further discussions.


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