Do you love solving programming problems? Do you get excited about solving a new coding problem in OJ’s like Hackerrank, Codeforces and sites like Project Euler? Then this event is for you. Join us at IT Meet 2018, to solve algorithmic and mathematical challenges using programming language of your choice.

Venue: IT Park, Kavre
Date: 6th Jan, 2018 (Saturday)

Start Time: 10 A:M
End Time: 1 P:M

Entry Fee: Rs. 150 per person

1st -NRs. 7K
2nd – NRs 5K
3rd – NRs 3K

Deadline: 4th Jan, 2018
*Info: This is a group event where each team should have not more than 3 members. Only selected group will be invited for the event.

Register your team quickly to secure your participation and win exciting cash prizes. Registration link :…/1FAIpQLSc7GUE1UTttnyJvZc…/viewform


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