Usually, we are careful about where we keep our Smartphone. We don’t want them close enough to water, heat, etc. but we also don’t want them close to magnets as we have a feeling that we may get our phone damaged. But it may be just our perception that magnets may damage a phone.
There might be a debate on this as there are different types of magnet based on their Magnetic capacity. Those Magnets we find in the market may not be much powerful, or they might be which we don’t know. Therefore people have a theory that magnets may disrupt the flow of electricity on mobile phones.
Usually, Magnets that have much Magnetic property may destroy the phone is the belief of people. So as much as they are concerned about keeping the phone in a safe place, they are also worried about keeping phones away from the magnets. However, it is not true as some of the electronic devices are even using magnetic components inside them. If it were so, the magnets wouldn’t be used inside any electronic devices.
However, don’t start rubbing your phones with Magnets. As we know, there are different types of sensor and compass used inside the phone as a digital compass and magnetometer. We may think that our phone is not being affected by magnets by components like digital compass and magnetometer gets affected due to the attractions creating a severe issue with the phone.
“The problem we found is that a nearby Magnet will affect the internal Magnetic sensors inside the phone. The compass won’t read correctly,” explained Michael Paul, an engineer at K&J. you might not know about these components, however they play a significant role in your phone to act as a Smartphone.
Google Maps and games use those components that can be damaged by Magnets. Magnets aren’t likely to kill your Smartphone as they would appear normal. However, they are going to mess up some dangerous things inside.
So as a conclusion, it seems like a significant risk to take keeping the phone near the magnets. There might be no effects seen physically, but they might be seen when using the phone for all the functions. As the orientation is also said to be affected by the magnets, it would be easy to find out if the phone is affected by it or not.