The use of the Internet has turned World into a small box of Computer. It used to take a lot of effort to do things regarding Business, Conference, Meetings, Medicine, Medical attention. But now so many things can be done just by sitting in front of the Computer. And we have been able to do things that took so long time, within a minute now with the help of Computer. Its like Computer has entered into our life like a boon and internet as well.
And now social media has been able to connect so many lives such that we don’t have to go to meet every people as we can compare them through Social Media easily. Also, we can see updates on the works done by different organizations, NGO, INGOs just by sitting at home. To this day we have been using at least one or two social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
We at least make some time to use them once a day. Now that most of the users have mobile internet and social media on their phones, they spend quite a lot of time using social media. Commenting and liking the status and posting photos has been a daily routine to some.
Today’s generation has been the most active users of social media as they have got more free time. They even check to see their notification in the interval of an hour. Some Social Networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace are the ones that are in the top choice of users. To this date, Facebook has 1arba, twitter 50 crores, Linkedin 16 crore and Myspace 10 crore people user in approx.
Even if social media has many benefits, they are to be used carefully.
Some benefits of Social Media:
  • Worldwide Communication
  • Advertisement
  • Information Sharing
  • Speedy spreading of News
Some disadvantages of Social Media:
  •  Improper decision making
  • Degrading health conditions due to less sleep and less exercise
  • Socially inactive
  • Broken relationships due to less time for each other
  • Cybercrime and bullying
  • Unauthorized use of individuals information
  • Loss of time
There are lots of other factors that make Social Media excellent and sad at the same time. However, we must focus on how we use to decrease the adverse impacts of the Internet and Social Media. As we know everything should be done in limits, Social Media should also be handled carefully.