With the recent apple activities, we have known that Apple is trying hard to be the king of the music streaming business. Apple looks serious with its music streaming. It had faced some controversies with the artist from the music industry lately, but this news was able to gain more popularity for the music streaming service this tech giant had been preparing to launch. The latest news about this is DR. DRE is starting a new radio show on apple music. Dr. Dre, is an American record producer, rapper and entrepreneur.
Being one of the famous artists in the music industry, him working with Apple music will take the Apple music services to a new level. The 50-year-old rap mogul announced a new radio show called “The Pharmacy,” which premieres Saturday at 6 p.m. Users will be able to listen to the show every other Saturday as it will be streamed for a house each Saturday. The show will be supporting West Coast music. We are not sure how this show will be doing on business and whether Apple is going to be benefited by it or not if it does it a win-win for both the artist and the music service. It’s just been some time Apple has started its music streaming business and such show are going to be premiered. It looks like Apple is looking for a prominent place on the music streaming business.
With a subscription of $9.99 per month, you will get to listen to music of your choice streaming into your machine and now you will be able to listen to Dr. Dre as well. Its good news for Dre fans and also the lovers of the Rap industry as a whole.
Apple also bought the Beats company of Dr. Dre last year, and now it has collaborated with Dr. Dre for a show. It looks like Apple is getting the hang of the entertainment industry. Sometimes getting support and sometimes being criticized by the people of the same industry, it will be learning how to adapt to the music streaming business.
Unlike other music streaming services, it has been working hard to make its services more like a real and unbreakable business. We can hardly see anything left to be done by the apple to make its music services better. The quality and entertainment are what people need in today’s date. As Dr. Dre has been a successful producer and considered to be the great one, it may seem apple have something to be proud of having Dre on the team.
Apple has even considered to give user free service for three months and then later may start charging for $10 per month. There are other shows too hosted by Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga. There are also some live radio programs in the features in the apple’s streaming services. With the show, the number for the users of the streaming service is expected to increase as the fans of the famous artist will be eager to listen to his shows streaming in their devices.
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