Cloud computing has made an impact on desktop computing over the years. In the case of online education, cloud plays a vital role in making crucial decisions for schools and colleges. Therefore, schools that operate on the cloud (E-School) is made available in Nepal.

E-Zone has made it available for users to access this particular software which is an ISO 9001.2008. ( The MIS software is made from the investments of ‘World Bank ‘ taking an ample amount of things into consideration.

The software can be logged in according to your role ( Students, Parents, teachers, administrative officials) via computers, laptops, tablets and other devices using internet connection. The principal can view test results, attendance of students, salary and day to day activities at ease with no problem what so over .
The system needs an entry of data only once, and MIS reports and other progress reports can be obtained without any hassle.

E-School has created package schemes according to the number of students and users. They are as follows:
350 students = light package
700 students = standard package
1000 students = professional package
more than 1000 students = package and price negotiable
The merits in the cloud software are problem-less installations, data access with ease, 24 hours of service, mobile user-friendly, automatic data update and many more, all which will make the learning process a bit more interesting and easy.