Abroad craze. The most discussed topic among young people. The same excuse of all, Nepal has not got any future. The people who are running towards has been increasing day by day. If possible, then settling there only is thought as a great success, among all, one pair is an exception. Kriti Shakya and Manish Shrestha used to do designing course together in America. In an advertising agency, they used to work as interactive designing as well. As Nepal’s ICT sector was weak, they had thought of returning to Nepal and become an entrepreneur. That’s why they returned in 1998. Though, because of the lengthy process and unstable market, they couldn’t establish the company, the way they wanted to.

They kept on working for the orders came from their contact. Kriti was fluent in designing, and Manish was fluent in the technical part. After the law kept on increasing, they thought of working legally in the company, and with that thought, in 2012 a creative agency was established named as Kaji Studio. On the 2nd year of establishment, they got on a successful startup list; then Kaji Studio showed that there is a possibility of many changes in their own country.

The company has taken interactive and graphic designing as the central working part. There comes much order in application development. Producing beautiful and artistic design according to client need is the specialty of Kaji Studio. Now the world has changed; there is no need for sketching and designing my hands.

Enjoying the technology, now staying in one place, you can complete all the orders came from their own country and abroad. Kaji Studio must have understood this fact. With the experience of working in America, Kriti and Manish, for them the happiness of clients is more important. “We research whether we can provide quality products according to their order or not.” With this, the products have been created with the name of the company only.  Recently started “Blood Apps,” is that exemplary effort, with the help of which we can take or give blood through the mobile only.

Today Kaji Studio has been beneficiary not only in Nepal but also in abroad as well. “Especially Nepali people living in abroad have appreciated our work. Maybe giving them the solution according to their requirement is the main reason behind increasing order.” Said Kriti. Mostly corporate, travel agency, I/NGO and Startup Company is Kaji’s client.

Not only logo brochure, package, multimedia, design, and website/apps producing, but this company has also been working for Content Management System (CMS), based software development, e-commerce solution, and online marketing. The new companies who want to earn brand and revenue as soon as possible, for them, now a website, application, graphic design, and social marketing are essential elements. So, if you want to gain intuitive and reliable service, you can remember Kaji studio once.

In Lalitpur’s Ekantakuna road there is Kaji studio’s “well-decorated” office. May because of its designs, there is beautiful and colorful designs on the wall. The office has got a table tennis court. To get relief from work burden, they not just play games, they listen to music and cracks jokes as well in office only. The ten people who joined Kriti and Manish’s team are not solely responsible for their work, but also they are friendly, innovative and creative as well. This team has made the determination of making Kaji the number one creative agency.