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August 25, 2019, Kathmandu

An Interview with Narayan Pokhrel, Director at Texas International College about teaching style, methods and how Texas Education Network strengths as an educator.

Starting from nursery class to the postgraduate level, there are several studies available within the same network with quality education in the Texas Network. The college has added more majors at the graduate level, from which students find a bright future.

The college has been teaching as a multidisciplinary institution since 2010 with about 5000 students enrolled and 272 teachers and staff.

Texas International College and Texas College of Management and IT are conducting classes for different faculties. Texas College has played a positive role in the field of information technology, management, and social sciences through programs like BSc. CSIT, BBA, BA, BSW, BCA, BBM and MBS in affiliation with TU.

Texas College of Management and IT, affiliated with Lincoln University, has also been conducting BBA, MBA, BIT and BCA classes effectively.

The network is moving forward to produce a human resource which can provide leadership in the field of management for the country. Moving forward with the goal of producing a skilled human resource that can compete in the international market, and market-oriented life in management has been given special emphasis. The Director of the Texas Network, Narayan Pokharel, who has been tied to the institution for over a decade and has been working for Quality and Reasonable Education. He has shared some thoughts about Texas Network and their work.

What response have you seen from +2 passed students and their parents?

Texas International College is one of the most prestigious educational institutions. The college has been teaching as a multidisciplinary institution since 2010. Educational activities are being conducted under the Faculty of Science, Management and Humanities.

With the involvement of skilled, diligent, experienced and scholarly personalities, the goal of producing the skilled manpower needed for the current environment through teaching, training activities are being handled. The college has been playing a major role in the production of proficient students. We can only enroll certain students due to this reason. Similarly, admission for the Bachelor is also open. Many students have visited the premises to learn about the faculty and college infrastructures.“

What faculty or subjects do you focus on during  Bachelor?

Of course, education is not only for degrees or jobs. The time has changed. The government is also giving priority for the development of entrepreneurship. We also have the same mindset that education needs to build a strong foundation for entrepreneurship. It is good to see the interest of the students and parents.

Our focus is on this topic as we are teaching subjects like BSc. CSIT, BIT, BCS, Network Technology and Cyber ​​Security with hopes of a bright future for students.

Private colleges also have been termed as ​​a factory to send students abroad, what do you say?

First, education isn’t for producing unemployment. Yes, some are unemployed, which is why we have given priority to the above-mentioned skillful faculties. Other than that, private colleges aren’t the only colleges teaching, the government and community colleges are already number one in producing unemployed people, isn’t it? We are now ready to associate education with employment.

Texas is trying to fill this gap to prevent the number of students going overseas. Texas is keeping students well informed about current technology and demand for skilled human resource. We are also advising them on how to study and get a job. If students are consulted about Nepal’s demands, they can be prevented from going abroad.

What is the strongest aspect of Texas College?

The first positive thing our college has is the student-friendly atmosphere. We provide them with practical and social knowledge. We even have our own companies where the students from Texas are given priority for jobs.

Similarly, we have an experienced, permanent, and educated teacher faculty working in higher status for some corporate house. Their experiences can also be useful for students.

Students affiliated to our college are provided with various opportunities to exchange their ideas with the subject teachers as well as the professors and reputed scholars affiliated with different institutions. As per the subject, the college has arranged for students to enter the inhouse company as interns as well as for job placement.

Emphasizing the importance of technology-friendly education, the college is offering practical education in all practical disciplines in a modern way.

Although there are a lot of jobs in the market, students can’t get all of them. We could not teach students what the market demanded. So, we have been obsessed with what the market demands and how they can develop their competitive potential.

Why are thousands of educated and skilled students are unemployed when the market lacks skilled manpower?

In addition to their studies, the students who have studied in the college have received various useful skills in life. Students graduating from this college are working in reputed IT companies in Nepal and abroad. Along with the regular curriculum, the college is also providing vocational courses daily which has helped to bridge the gap between the industry and the academy.

The college is moving forward to produce manpower that can provide leadership in the field of management for the country. The college, with the goal of producing manpower that can compete in the international market, has placed special emphasis on market-oriented education in management. The students produced from this college are also in leadership roles in Nepal’s renowned banks, financial institutions, and government services. So, we’re saying that your future at Texas College is bright. It is not just a matter of looking at our past history. Another thing is that the students who study here do not have to remain unemployed.

Where is the student’s attraction showing up in recent years?

Demand for Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) has increased in Nepal recently. Students are also drawn to BSW because the course is more experimental and there is a great job opportunity in NGO-INGO with a good salary.

Similarly, the attraction of IT has been increasing in recent times. The college has also focused exclusively on IT. They’ve also shown equal interest in BCA and BIT.

When is a college administrator or teacher satisfied or happy?

Happiness is found in the small stuff. First, it is a big deal for all of us in the educational field to share what we have learned. As a result of their successful results, our college students are able to get a good job at a company in some field, open an enterprise, or help the society in one way or the other, this is when a teacher or an administrator can find happiness. We aren’t just concerned about numbers, but we are also on the path of becoming responsible citizens of the nation. Therefore, to develop a country, educational reform and patriotism are necessary.

So now we must give time-relative education to meet the needs of students. We are also connected with our alumni in various ways. We discuss and interact with them to learn about the demand in the market. It also allows us to know what is needed for a company, entrepreneurship, and we are coordinating with them to provide a more sophisticated education.

For more details: Texas International College


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