Dr ramhari subedi

August 25, 2019, Kathmandu

The virtual world is becoming more attractive than the physical world; the reason is, we spend most of our time on the virtual world where we can only see and feel things, they cannot be physically touched, it is like air, electrical flow, etc.

On the other hand, you are protected by physical substances; without them, the universe has never been created. Our lifestyles are continually revolutionized; mankind has developed society and created a better world one evolution after another.

We are now being virtualized; the virtual world has become more appealing than the physical world because users spend most of their time virtually on the computer and on the internet. That is why technology has become instrumentally, useful, and culturally transmissible. Through the invention of the web and growth in the field of Information Technology, the world has virtually shaped into a global village, and the world has become so small.

Most of our activities are being digitized and will become the face of the internet such as online shopping, banking, booking, study, jobs, delivery, robot, AI, tv, internet platform accept food, house, and people. Artificial intelligence will continue to become a more significant thing by making a smart home, smart thermostats, light, coffee makers, and many more, collecting data on your habits and patterns of usage many many things. Cars will get even brighter arrival of 5G network.

The recent report shows that by 2025, it is estimated that more than 21 billion physical devices will become smarter and join the virtual world. An App can control them all. Let’s compare a physical house to a virtual home. Physical and virtual houses have many similarities. Physical houses are built and protected by adding door, windows, roof, protecting the wall by painting, floor by installing carpet, wood, or marble.

In the interior of a home, rooms are built for separate people to ensure privacy and storage of their personal belongings. Doors and windows could be locked to maintain security and confidentiality as well. You do care about having proper security protection for your physical home and the room you own. Unlike physical homes, digital homes should become safeguarded too. Digital homes have digital places, including Facebook, Twitter, Online banking, Instagram, etc. You need to put your phone number, email, and passcode to lock, secure, and recover digital room account but nothing more you care about doing it. By only adding one lock on the digital door of your digital house, do you think that your digital items are fully secured?

Since users are unaware of passcodes, two-factor authentication, or other primary security features, they (digital doors, windows, wall, floor) could be opened for hackers to steal all your valuable digital assets. Security of digital devices should be taught to protect your sensitive digital information. We are not moving back to the stone age; we are aggressively moving forward to the digital era. Evolution and adoption of technology cannot be by-passed. We must adapt as we advance. Do not wait any longer to protect your digital information just by gaining basic knowledge to secure your digital home. Now, it is time to defend yourself in the digital world. Better be safe than sorry.

Writer: Prof. Dr. Ramhari Subedi


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