electrical vehicles nepal

17 March 2021, Kathmandu

Mahabir Pun is a Nepalese scientist, teacher, social entrepreneur, and activist known for his extensive work in the use of wireless technology.  While Mahabir Pun’s National Innovation Center is starting work on turning old vehicles into electric vehicles.

Students studying in the third year of Mechanical Engineering at the Thapathali Engineering Campus have designed an electric vehicle chassis.

This electric vehicle built by students will be sent to the world competition to be held in September 2021. Shell Eco has organized marathons in the United States, Europe, and Asia. There is a rivalry between electric, petroleum, and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

As the college is currently preparing for the examination, so the exterior and interior of the vehicle could not be built.  Students are planning to move on to the rest of their job after the exam.

The college students organized a team of 10 people. The Golchha Group is helping them to make this electric vehicle.


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