Toyota Teases X Prologue

17 March 2021, Kathmandu

Toyota despite being the world’s biggest carmaker and a global leader in hybrid technology. Toyota has yet to launch an electric car which is until now.

Toyota’s first electric car SUV X-Prologue.

Toyota has released a first picture of the full-electric crossover SUV X-Prologue. The company has published a photo of the X-Prologue.

It will be the first crossover SUV to be built on the Electric-Toyota New Global Architecture (e-TNGA) platform. Today on March 17, the company will hold its global premiere.

Toyota X-Prologue will be available as a crossover SUV. As seen in the picture, the company has given its first full-electric SUV a very different kind of unique LED DRL. It also includes a three-part LED headlamp.

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Since it is an electric car, it will not have a radiator grille. The car’s specification, however, will be unveiled following tomorrow’s global premiere.

Toyota has built an e-TNGA platform to focus on the development of electric vehicles. According to Toyota, it would include a new lineup of mid-size SUVs, mid-size crossovers, large crossovers, compact crossovers, mid-size sedans, and minivans.

There has been no word on what features would be available in the X-Prologue crossover, as well as its range, engine, and fuel.

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