Elevate Your Photography

28th February, Kathmandu

Get Ready to Light Up Your Moments with the upcoming vivo V30. vivo continues to set the pace with its groundbreaking technology, and the soon-to-be-released V30 is no exception.

This smartphone promises thrilling imaging enhancements that will elevate the photography experience to new heights. Maintaining Vivo’s tradition of sleek design, V30 embodies a simplicity that belies its powerful capabilities. With this release, vivo aims to further provide consumers with a device that doesn’t just capture moments but brings them to life. Get ready for a smarter, more immersive photography experience with vivo V30.

vivo V30 continues the V series’ signature light and thin design, and it isn’t just slim—it’s the slimmest vivo phone that houses a massive 5000 mAh (TYP) battery. This remarkable feat of engineering didn’t compromise on durability, with the V30 passing over 70 rigorous tests, including drop simulations and extreme temperature trials. But the innovation doesn’t stop there.

vivo V30’s 3D Curved Screen exudes a high-end feel, transforming the device into a luxury in hand. Coupled with an outstanding 120 Hz refresh rate, it promises a viewing experience that is as smooth as it is visually stunning.

vivo continues to evolve, constantly striving to meet users’ shooting needs with innovative features.

V30 is expected to carry forward this legacy, with significant upgrades to the Aura Light – a feature beloved by vivo consumers worldwide. The Aura Light on V30 is said to have a rounded rectangular shape, providing a larger and softer fill light area than an ordinary flash. It’s also rumored to offer a broader range of color temperature adjustments compared to its predecessor, the V29. Most intriguingly, the Aura Light is anticipated to support Distance-Sensitive Lighting, intelligently adjusting the brightness according to the subject’s distance from the camera. The upgraded Aura Light Portrait feature on vivo V30 makes capturing stunning portraits a breeze. Imagine preserving the precious memories in the most beautiful way possible – this is what V30 promises to deliver.

Special occasions like family gatherings and festivals often call for group portraits. Recognizing this, vivo is said to have significantly upgraded the wide-angle camera on V30. V30 is expected to feature a 50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera that helps users vividly capture beautiful memories with family and friends, adding an extra layer of excitement to these special moments.

Elevate Your Photography

In addition to the impressive camera capabilities, the vivo V30 is rumored to support an 80W Flash Charge. This, combined with the device’s large battery capacity, promises to keep users powered up and ready to capture life’s moments. V30 is shaping up to be not just a phone, but a reliable companion for daily adventures.

vivo V30 has already sparked considerable excitement among consumers eagerly awaiting its official launch. V30 is expected to be a dynamic addition to the flagship V series, set to redefine the smartphone experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement – this is one launch you won’t want to miss.


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